Aren’t you satisfied with the use of other screens for the dry screening? It is time to try with Grain Sizer IME

still recent and remarkable system for the selection of loose materials
3 compact and rugged in construction, operated by counter-rotating eccentric weights motors or eccentric weights exciters
3 for its characteristic – several super-posed screening decks with progressive inclination
the sizer allows the selection of material with the wire-netting meshes bigger than the product
3 this system drastically reduces the possibility of clogging of wirenettings, even with damp and cohesive products




  • High production capacity even for fine screenings
  • High degree of precision and screening efficiency even with damp and cohesive materials
  • Possibility of electric heating of one or more screening decks by transformers
  • The wire-nettings, used for screening decks, are of normal type with square meshes
  • The material does not embed in the screen meshes
  • Close-packed construction, not big dimensions and low weights; these screens are also planned for particular uses (iron-working, mine, cement factory)
  • Saving in costs concerning structures, maintenance and power consumptions for operating
  • Long resistance to wear of the wire-nettings
  • Wear protections, easily replaceable
  • Easy and quick replacement of each screening deck
  • Possibility of taking intermediate fractions



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